Solar & Battery Storage

We understand that installing a new system is a considerable investment in time and cost. We leverage our experience to offer you the best solution and to make it an easy process. The long-term gain of using sustainable products provides peace of mind.

As Clean Energy Council accredited installers we design and install photovoltaic solar panels, micro inverters, Solar Edge Optimizers, Energy Monitoring, Metering devices and battery systems to residential and commercial properties.

If you are uncertain of where to start, Power motive electrical Pty Ltd is on hand to assist and help you turn your home, office or warehouse into a hub of renewable energy systems.



Battery Storage

Technology is changing everyday, at Power Motive Electrical we are always out to evolve with the times and extend our knowledge with new companies and new equipment. Storing your energy to use it at night or just when it suits you fall into that category. Our team is fully qualified to install these systems too!